About the South Valley Farm and Food Network

south valley farm and food network


Our public education, network and capacity development programs and initiatives will serve residents in the South Willamette Valley of Cottage Grove, Dorena, Curtin, Creswell, Saginaw, London, Lorane, Yoncalla, Drain and Elkton.


We believe in a resilient local food system that –

  • Celebrates local knowledge, local experts and the natural systems around us
  • Supports small farms, gardeners and land owners in fostering regenerative systems
  • Produces what we need and supports food access for all
  • Works together to share resources and develop collaborative solutions
  • Fosters community connections and experiences with local places, plants and nature


  • People who care about nutritious, healthy food grown and made right here in the South Willamette Valley!
  • Individuals wanting to learn how to cook, grow and forage food and medicine available in your backyard to meet your basic needs
  • Commercial farmers seeking to grow their business and older farmers ready to pass on knowledge
  • Land and property owners looking for local experts to guide with land stewardship planning, food forest production, gardening design and more
  • Residents and visitors desiring to connect with and support local farms, community gardens, eateries, farming and food educators, experts and resources
  • Food entrepreneurs and advocates, value chain enterprises, chefs, farmer’s markets, businesses and eateries, community gardens, schools and educators, food banks, public health and food access/equity groups, community, economic development, recreation and tourism groups!

Our Goals:

  • Increase availability and access to locally grown healthy food within this area to all community members for food security
  • Increase community awareness and involvement in placemaking and local food system activities
  • Increase the number of people growing healthy local food
  • Increase production and sourcing of locally grown healthy food
  • Increase knowledge and regenerative practices amongst land owners that foster local and native biodiversity, ecosystem restoration and mitigate fire & natural disasters in our region
  • Increase entrepreneurship, job creation and incomes in the local food economy



Read Cottage Grove’s Local Food Community Action Plan, February 2021